By Alex Andy Phuong


Life can be technical
Yet people are not machines
Human beings have brains
With the gift of intelligence
But only the ones willing to think
Can change the world for the better
Especially since the mind
Is more powerful than any computer

Serving Service

Help heal the helpless
Do more than what one deserves
Serve the undeserved


Is different
From lonely
Because even
When being alone
A person can still
Be oneself
As the only
Who does
That person’s best
At being
An original


Because everyone
Is collectively
Seemingly conjoined
Within a term called


Green glistening in the light
Shining like gold
A light no one can hold
Nothing gold can stay
But we can all still be green

Worth It

Why ask for wealth
Why ask for fame
Why ask for glory
To shine upon thy name
Ask for love
Ask for forgiveness
Love personal uniqueness
And when acquiring
Actual needs
Life itself
Is worth it


Softened by water
Internal purity
Paving the way
For serene serenity
Never frown
Nor drown
Find oneself
And Be Found

Change Instead of Exchange

Jealousy is a common vice
And many people are never nice.
It is impossible to trade lives
Between people upon the Earth
And all lives begin at birth.
Despite that impossibility,
People do have the ability
To practice self-improvement
Rather than wanting to exchange
Their lives with others
For we are all sisters and brothers
Within a constantly changing world.

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