Driving in Third Gear

By Edith Gallagher Boyd The third floor balcony where we live is a sanctuary for me in many ways. Although it is  in Florida, it has an “up north” feel to it, an expression I’ve heard countless times since we moved to the town of Jupiter. The balcony is surrounded with Florida maples, pine trees, … Continue reading Driving in Third Gear

New Zealand

By Sally Simon A crescent shaped kiwi  singular flanked by Maori poles of totem, red and white tongues  hang from painted faces   Five cent silver fern black and white tick marks curve wave simplicity in motion   Granite mountains green and blue collide Wool clings to wool  reflections on Lake Coleridge ripple under scribbled  … Continue reading New Zealand

The Healing Garden and Other Poems

By Rachel Fenton The Healing Garden The healing garden is a circle  within circles – raised flower   beds surround a sculpture  from the Rotary Club, gears   worn smooth, a clockwork cog.  An apology walks on two legs  between the unturned  earth; our PM lays out   peach for the dead.  Among all that is senseless,  feathers … Continue reading The Healing Garden and Other Poems

The Straw Hat Seeker of Truth and Other Poems

By D. Marie Fitzgerald the straw hat seeker of truth alone I don the straw hat a Huckleberry seeking freedom under overhanging clouds  always there obscuring vision I can’t even see  the roses brought to me by someone who said he loved me  offered me  teacups of wild  herbs   holding prophecies could come true during … Continue reading The Straw Hat Seeker of Truth and Other Poems