Sacrosanct and Other Poems

By Stephen Kingsnorth Sacrosanct A lower middle class affair, though I knew nothing else; a serviette bound napkin ring, unrealised it taut. The cloth for granted taken ironed spread of shining white - swept after, brush and crumb pan, Edwardian no doubt. Place mats were blossoms blooming, japonica was mine, botanic chaenomeles - aka unknown … Continue reading Sacrosanct and Other Poems

Not TheTime Or Place and Other Poems

By Andrew Scott Not The Time Or Place Crashing through the doors like a rabid animal trying to spread its infliction.   Glazed eyes of hate seeing nothing but blurred red, anger leading the sight.   The wrong place you have been lead with your tunneled thoughts. Feeling unexpectedly persecuted, ready to lash out. Not … Continue reading Not TheTime Or Place and Other Poems

Butterflies and On an Unknown Road Just Before Dark

By Andre Swanepoel  Butterflies They break upon us unrelenting As the dawn breaks like a rainbow Refracting our dewdrop-eyes That settle at once upon our love Like condescending dust confounded In beauty that fuels these monarchs that flit As thoughts between sun and shade Gathering potency On an Unknown Road Just Before Dark The sun … Continue reading Butterflies and On an Unknown Road Just Before Dark

Laugh and Other Poems

By Alex Andy Phuong Laugh Laugh, But not out loud Chuckle But do not choke Satirize Yet also harmonize Employ humor Cautiously For the sake of Uniformity Unite Us! Intel Intellectual intelligence Much more than brilliance Employing the mind And sensation To offer profound perception And empathetic perspectives Upon collective collectives That define more than … Continue reading Laugh and Other Poems