Blue Fringe

By Susan Gene McCartney November 14, 2008. Into Africa I fly on a one-way ticket. Journey through fourteen countries intwenty-two months on local transportation. Learn. Rest. Change. A woman without advantage ofyouth or money. The journey has many pieces. This is one. November 21, 2008. Tozeur. Oasis in southwestern Tunisia on the northern edge of … Continue reading Blue Fringe

Happy Anniversary, Academy of the Heart and Mind!

We started our publication on this date in 2017 with these posts: A comic about the casino by Jessica Ricks A fantasy story by John Page Check these posts out to see where our editors were doing when they envisioned the website!

Sunset in December and Other Poems

By Donovan Westjohn Sunset in December Scurry of squirrels with mouthfuls ran towards aboriginal trees; Piqued tasteful of moonlit mystery entwine outside hatched tread, midnight blue peacock feathers flung- on scarlet macaw volcanic colored sky like a fan morph to gel wax. West coast ocean sputtered a washing machine dial set high seething against queens … Continue reading Sunset in December and Other Poems