A Tall Tower to Sleep In

By W. T. Paterson Jeremy felt like an out-of-place monster sitting in the line of cars to pick up his twelve-year-old daughter Emilia from an all-women’s coding camp. Tech giant ByteSyze hosted an eight-week summer program for young women interested in STEM careers, the final week of which happened to coincide with the one-year anniversary … Continue reading A Tall Tower to Sleep In

Ancient Grains and Other Poems

By Robert Beveridge Ancient Grains Tra, tra, tra, it’s in the pretext, in the mines, in the hallway that extends every time you kiss the hem of the alienist’s patchwork suit. The meme replicates in the medulla, the batteries poke their heads out of the sand, the wormwood’s in the rice again, pa, chase it … Continue reading Ancient Grains and Other Poems