The Young Soldier – Aged by War

By Felicita “Terry” Robinson Fresh out of college is someone’s son or brother Maybe a kid searching for good and encouraged by his mother Or perhaps a teacher, a dropout or a taxi driver All now standing on the threshold of war, as a survivor And faced with a mission larger than life To kill … Continue reading The Young Soldier – Aged by War

More Than Ever and Other Works

By Alex Andy Phuong More Than Ever Now more than ever We must all stand together For humanity Unite and Fight Unification Hope has never disappeared Do more than believe Housing Statement Housing is essential for life because people need a roof over their heads to survive. Afterall, all people are animals by default. Please … Continue reading More Than Ever and Other Works

Notebooks and Other Poems

By Stephen Kingsnorth Notebooks The beetle carried rainbow, iridescence in the black; it scurried from my bootstraps, submerged, buried beneath muck. Colour frequent underground, stealing treasure from our eyes, good reason for us digging, to unearth the pirate’s horde. I notice it when talking to shy backward-stepping folk - reluctant rays from limelight, momentary centre … Continue reading Notebooks and Other Poems