A Writer’s Prayer and Other Haiku

By Shreya Dhital A Writer's Prayer They held the wand and prayed to never let a full stop meet the last sentence they write Salt A bruise on my knee, Awaiting a band-aid, meets a pinch of salt! You You appear and the furrow between my brows leaves a grin in its wake Soft Weeps … Continue reading A Writer’s Prayer and Other Haiku

Moments in Time

By Dr. Mack Curry IV a ghazal With eyes closed, I chuckle every time, I attempt to remember each time. I felt the bliss of a touch of kiss, sometimes wishing I could repeat time. Suppose these are my stolen moments, to reminisce, I take my sweet time. Reflecting on each experience, some lessons instant, … Continue reading Moments in Time

A Sampling of What’s to Come

By Lynette Murry Christmas Is Vastly Different Christmas is vastly different, since you’re not here A somber season, no laughter or holiday cheer Our lives are shattered, nothing’s the same Memories recalled, with the mention of your name Thanksgiving was difficult, but that’s just the start An empty chair in remembrance of you, broke my … Continue reading A Sampling of What’s to Come