A Canadian Tragedy

By Sherry Wong But your profile says… A friend of mine helped me with the profile. She actually changed it for me. With my old profile, nobody ever contacted me. I may as well not exist. So, this friend suggested that I modify my profile a little bit. It helped, didn’t it? I got your … Continue reading A Canadian Tragedy

So Much Water, So Far From Home

By Ewa Mazierska Of all stories by Raymond Carver, ‘So Much Water So Close To Home’ is my favourite, because, with its simple dialogue, it pictures moral conflict around people’s attitude to death. It shows a group of pragmatic men on a fishing expedition who find the naked body of a young woman, floating in … Continue reading So Much Water, So Far From Home

The Aspidistra and The Mock Turtle Soup

By Mike Paterson-Jones The letter that came in the post was intriguing. The envelope was pale green and was addressed in the most beautiful handwriting. Inside was an invitation to dinner with Robert de Morgan on a date two weeks hence at ‘Rogues Manor’. We had only just bought the farm in the Eastern Mountains … Continue reading The Aspidistra and The Mock Turtle Soup

Fluent Influences and Other Poems

By Alex Andy Phuong Fluent Influences Being under the influence Implies intoxication, But the ones who demonstrate maturation Do have the ability To help others Profoundly, And linguistic speakers Could utilize language skills To positively influence Their own surroundings To benefit humanity In a world filled with diversity Well Wells Snow White singing at a … Continue reading Fluent Influences and Other Poems