Dante’s Circles

By Marc Carver It scares me how much life goes around and around in a circle. You live it once then years later the exact same thing happens again. And you react to it in exactly the same way. It is almost as if you are powerless against yourself. Who you are never goes away. … Continue reading Dante’s Circles

showdown and tabula rasa

By RC deWinter showdown lucky in card unlucky in love so old cardsharks say the inverse isn't true i play the hands i'm dealt eights and aces at the table and in love so ante up you brash bold gamblers i'll raise you every time i’m the great dissembler prepare to lose your shirts my … Continue reading showdown and tabula rasa

SHE: An International Women’s Day Write-up

By Mehreen Ahmed Editor's Note: International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th each year. Mehreen Ahmed wrote this essay on International Women's Day 2022. When God created Eve, he had created not a companion, but a woman of power. One who would be instrumental to the creation of human history. Her act, a single … Continue reading SHE: An International Women’s Day Write-up