Thunder and Lighting

By Ann Christine Tabaka Thunder echoed through the night, as lightning streaked the sky, illuminating the heavens. The rain fell so hard that the sound of it kept Valerie awake. She pulled the covers over her head to block out the bright flashes and sound. Curling up, she hugged the pillow tightly. She remembered hugging … Continue reading Thunder and Lighting

Sunshine Journey

By Frances Leitch Desert Land The land of waterless sea Stretching endlessly The land of tawny sand The land of bald mountains The land of skies of wine The land of thirst That fills the soul with silence Summer Breeze A warm summer breeze Swept across the wide open plain of the land untame Dusted … Continue reading Sunshine Journey

Review of Brothers, Fathers, and Others by Mitchell Waldman

Brothers, Fathers, and Other Strangers: Short Stories By Mitchell Waldman Release Date: September 27, 2021  Review by Thomas Page  The relationships we have with others impact us in many ways that we may not be aware of on the surface. Although most of our interactions will fade into the recesses of our subconscious, Mitchell Waldman’s … Continue reading Review of Brothers, Fathers, and Others by Mitchell Waldman