Blue Ulysses

By Tim Law Molly watched on from the front porch of her family’s beach house as her older brother Marcus chased a beautiful blue Ulysses butterfly. With each fruitless leap and swipe that Marcus made with his bug catching net, Molly’s smile grew all the broader. “You’ll never catch it!” Molly laughed. “That butterfly is … Continue reading Blue Ulysses

A Nice Old Man

By Ian Copestick Where I walk my dog, every day, I see an old man. A nice old man. While the weather's good, he walks around the neighborhood, with a cane He waves at everyone he sees . Whether he knows them, or not, I have no idea. But, I always enjoy meeting him. He's … Continue reading A Nice Old Man

About Stars and Their Catchers

By Yoelena Tkebuchava Once upon a time, man learned to exist without oxygen; he developed more complex contraptions to take him to Venus, to Saturn, to planets hundreds of milky ways beyond ours. Through the natural processes of evolution, his body organically adapted to these new frontiers. Some settled in the neighboring solar systems on … Continue reading About Stars and Their Catchers