And He Wondered

By Charles Wiegand White steam suddenly began billowing out from under the hood. He pulled over to the side of the road and parked the troubled car in the gravel. He sat there for a moment without moving, then turned off the engine and slowly got out of the car. He stood outside the car … Continue reading And He Wondered

A Safari Through My Closet

By Joan Mach Ladies and gentlemen, on your left you see the Joan Mach Clothing Wilderness.  For your own safety, please keep your hands and  heads inside the vehicle at all times. This wilderness was formed when the clothing rod in Joan’s spacious walk-in closet broke while she was on vacation.  When she returned, the … Continue reading A Safari Through My Closet

as insignificant walks & waltz and Other Poems

By Jen Schneider as insignificance walks & waltzes i used to walk at night only after the weight of the day’s work had lifted now i walk at night because only the sky reminds me that none of that work matters Source: a ___ reasons to wish upon a star a billion -- divided … Continue reading as insignificant walks & waltz and Other Poems