2nd Hour and Other Poems

By Januário Esteves 2nd Hour By the secret path What night does he carry I saw life alone And what matters most to us This boldness that is altar Where the tears remain Because I can not cry The senses that please To the heavens praised In prayer we watched The broken hearts To survive, … Continue reading 2nd Hour and Other Poems

Penumbra and Other Poems

By Joe Welch Penumbra It travels on my left shoulder With the grip of a stolid black crow. Sharp talons press through the cloth Digging into my skin. Is this my imagination? I look as easily to the left as to my right. For now I will look to my right. I am searching for … Continue reading Penumbra and Other Poems

Declawed Cats Shouldn’t Live Outdoors and Other Poems

By Peter Mladinic Declawed Cats Shouldn't Live Outdoors Put on an optimistic face. It’s the only way to meet oblivion. The blue t-shirt that reads Optimism. No one wants to sit In the cyber Café and think about oblivion Or in the movies before the coming attractions. Did you notice the beginnings of Public Enemies … Continue reading Declawed Cats Shouldn’t Live Outdoors and Other Poems