Sun Rise Tomorrow

By Devin Vandriel Parvez sat like a puddle, waiting for the town Priestesses to help his mother through her suffering. The dropping sun was just caressing the tops of distant trees. A howl - thin as water - cut the air. As the howls of Sachio corroded the night air, his neck hair stood, urging … Continue reading Sun Rise Tomorrow

The Women of the Sea

By Samantha Sampson There have been rumors about the Women of the Sea for as long as I can remember. Rumors that spoke of women passengers aboard sea vessels being drowned. Drowned by sailors who believed having a woman aboard their ship was bad luck.  Women who only wanted to sail, to explore the vast … Continue reading The Women of the Sea

The Rains

By Ruscena Wiederholt Kate woke to a strange sensation. Light, streaming through the blinds, cast intricate patterns on her bedspread. Something had disturbed her slumber, but she wasn't sure what, a car honking? She stirred, and lodged underneath her sternum there it was, the feeling that something had changed, profoundly and inextricably. But what? Her cat, … Continue reading The Rains