For Peers in Arrears and Time Served is Best

By Frank De Canio For Peers in Arrears I only hope they entertain as many scofflaws who’ll enjoy the breakage of the water main bequeathed them while in their employ. For it bestowed them means to cook, to clean, and make their garden grow. It helped snuff fires with the hook and ladder. What dark … Continue reading For Peers in Arrears and Time Served is Best

These Times

By Douglas Polk power in the hands of the panicked, a frightening thing, fighting to control, what can't be controlled, pressure applied to the masses, but the control weak, a leaky dam, at best, ready to break at any moment, and flood the world with chaos. Douglas Polk is a poet from the wilds of … Continue reading These Times

Regalia and Other Poems

By Alex Andy Phuong Regalia Elegant Eloquent Rhapsody Musical harmony Silky Smooth Fine Costume Design Details Combined with the Bigger Picture While Enjoying Beauty All Around Thereby Being Found Motivational Motivations Wanting the intention Of achieving greatness. Understanding the Desire for more. No one is exactly sure What the future has in store, But motivational … Continue reading Regalia and Other Poems

Shiny and New Offering and Other Poems

By Karlo Sevilla Shiny and New Offering Government opens the expressway to the long-suffering public weary of traffic. Its silver sheen metallic, flanked by divine green. A papal ferula lain across bustling cities and sleepy towns. The entire scenery of soft sunlight, baptismal – united in spirit with the landscape of Jordan River two millenniums … Continue reading Shiny and New Offering and Other Poems