By James Dunn Second Lieutenant James Dawson made his way through the Happy Hour crowd at the Charleston Air Force Base Officer’s Club bar and ordered a glass of white wine. After he took a sip his friend and squadron mate, First Lieutenant John Tamkun came up from behind and nudged his arm. “Glad you … Continue reading Conned

The Observation

By John Page I open the door to my house. I call for Christine, my fiancée, to help me put away the groceries. We have been dating for about four years and decided to move in together before the wedding.  She is a very funny and quirky person. She likes to ask people a lot … Continue reading The Observation

Fiction by Alex Andy Phuong

Kate Winslet On one Labor Day afternoon, while driving down a Revolutionary Road, a simple, all-American girl named Kate Winslet was searching for something to do for her summer vacation.  After driving for several hours, she saw a billboard with the headline, “TITANIC SAILS ONCE MORE!” She hesitantly resisted the urge to buy tickets for … Continue reading Fiction by Alex Andy Phuong

The Marvelous Love Affair of Higgins Hollow (Summer, 1996)

By Michael Guendelsberger   Most of us who worked at Higgins Hollow that summer of 1996 had done so for at least two or more seasons. A girl I knew from high school said she could get me a better paying job at a produce store where she worked, but changing felt too complicated and … Continue reading The Marvelous Love Affair of Higgins Hollow (Summer, 1996)