A Thousand Years

By Peace Nkeiruka Maduako "A Thousand Years" has been previously first published in a Sweetycat press anthology "Stories And Poems In The Song Of Life" by Steve Lester Carr. The melody rose to the ceiling, resounding as everyone keyed their best voices into the song. Mr. Peter smiled satisfactorily, "You all sounded almost perfect this … Continue reading A Thousand Years

Governor’s Park

By Peace Nkeiruka Maduako A moth was knocking itself against the glass window, determined to get outside. Olive was awake looking up to the ceiling boards, wondering how Obi would look like after three years of being away. Memories flooded back like it was only yesterday. Their love used to be like a flower opening … Continue reading Governor’s Park

About Stars and Their Catchers

By Yoelena Tkebuchava Once upon a time, man learned to exist without oxygen; he developed more complex contraptions to take him to Venus, to Saturn, to planets hundreds of milky ways beyond ours. Through the natural processes of evolution, his body organically adapted to these new frontiers. Some settled in the neighboring solar systems on … Continue reading About Stars and Their Catchers

Luzia’s Dowry

By Jozef Leyden The plane bringing me from Copenhagen to Lisbon was half-empty. So was the ‘Arrivals’ at the Lisbon-International on that late warm October evening when I came across her  ̶  my inamorata-siren  ̶  for the first time. With no checked baggage, just a backpack, I smoothly sailed through ‘Immigration and Customs,’ briskly pacing … Continue reading Luzia’s Dowry