Christmas Contest: Fiction 2nd Place

"Christmas Yet to Come" By Len Saculla Peter 181 BM pressed his button nose hard against the polyglass window and gazed excitedly at the winter sky above the capital city. His maternal grandfather, Aaron 797 BM, gently squeezed the boy’s shoulder, grinned like he was still six years old, and asked, ‘Can you see Santa … Continue reading Christmas Contest: Fiction 2nd Place

“Still Life”

By Thomas Page Right before me there is a vase made of Glass imbued with unpotable water Criss-crossed with stems of varying widths which Are floating in a pseudo-creche, a yurt Acting as a spyglass to the other side. The flowers are every shade save blue Which blushes purple from red painted Flowers flanking the … Continue reading “Still Life”

Big Fight in FortReal Chapter 1

By Chaher Alzaman Chapter One 0. A flying punch pushed through the cold air. It missed, but the fight carried on.  Now there were more cheering and rowdiness in the crowd.  The fight heated up, and the crowd engulfed more crowd.  More punches were thrown, and the crowd asked for more.  Outrageously, one of the spectators seemed to be moving … Continue reading Big Fight in FortReal Chapter 1