Life Lessons I Learned From My Cat

By Leslee Kahler I have had cats in my life since I was born, I can’t say I owned any of them as any cat owner knows the cat owns you , you don’t own the cat. Over the years I have learned much from my cats, but the greatest lessons I learned were patience, … Continue reading Life Lessons I Learned From My Cat

When Fearlessness Fades

By Cynthia Yancey Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! my oldest son texted me. Can I take you flying this afternoon? Yes! I immediately texted back, happy to be remembered. Happy to think of getting back up over these lovely, old mountains in one of those tiny, little planes like I used to fly myself. The day … Continue reading When Fearlessness Fades

Synaptic Interferences

By Fabrizia Faustinella You are very organized. This world is full of distractions and inevitably declines into disorder. Entropy always increases with time, resulting in randomness. Therefore, it is critical to stay organized.  You are a list maker. Lists help you to compartmentalize. Everything is placed in the right column and the right box: things … Continue reading Synaptic Interferences