Like Kant and Hölderlin Withal

The ontological new-Romantic period according to Paweł Markiewicz This is a philosophy, that Paweł Markiewicz has drafted. Proceeding from the Kant´s sentence: „The bestarred heaven above me, the moral law in me”. There are on earth: the human part down below and the starry section up there. One reaches for the stars, longs for them, … Continue reading Like Kant and Hölderlin Withal

February Contest

Hi everyone! Thank you all for your submissions to our “Love is in the Air” contest. I want to make sure that each winner gets a day on the Website so I’ll post the winners one day at a time over the next week. Thank you all again and congrats to everyone who submitted.  They … Continue reading February Contest

A Response to Francis Bacon’s “The Four Idols”

By Thomas Page Can science answer everything? Why does your phone keep deleting your notes? Ask science. Why do monarch butterflies migrate every year through California? Ask science. How do I cook ramen in less time? Ask science. Francis Bacon says in his essay “The Four Idols” that science is the true path to knowledge. … Continue reading A Response to Francis Bacon’s “The Four Idols”