Three-Two and Other Poems

By Dave Maze Three-Two Negativity oozes discomfort Leeching on like suction cups Gnawing like jagged teeth A miasma surrounds this energy Shatter it. Break free. --- An escape plan I must Portal to positivity Cosmic dust emblazons on the ocean Sparking your wanderlust. Break the Walls Face your fears Flutter & flicker Do you hear, … Continue reading Three-Two and Other Poems

I must have done something right and Other Poems

By Ursula McCabe I must have done something right never was I bored at the Michigan farm that held me clapboard tight in the old house’s arms every June grandpa drove his silver blue mercury down to Illinois to pick me up grandma gritting her teeth as he sped past all the flat land with … Continue reading I must have done something right and Other Poems

Reframing Walter

By Russell Richardson Tom felt true affection for his therapist Walter. Unlike confused parents, expectant girlfriends, and demanding employers, Walter accepted Tom unconditionally. For years, the silver-haired man had nodded sagely while Tom talked on the office’s leather couch. When Tom’s ramblings developed into a meaningful thought, Walter expressed satisfaction; when the babble went nowhere, … Continue reading Reframing Walter

The Briefest of Relationships and Other Poems

By John Grey The Briefest of Relationships Traffic crawled, head-lamps swam in exhaust cloud for block after interminable block. The road itself idled. Six hundred cars followed suit. The driver ahead of me crawled to a stop. My foot pressed down hard on the much-reviled brake. She leaned out of the window. Featureless back of … Continue reading The Briefest of Relationships and Other Poems

The Clock and Other Poems

By Stephen Kingsnorth The Clock A classical pastiche: corner cherubs, putti poorly cast which now corrode, Tempus Fugit plate, commanding serif comment overall, arranged on brittle face, metallic square, crude cut. Encased in wood pretending plastic, even hardboard, glue, mis-stained, this poor-imagined age and quality are what money buys for the undiscerning, those who own … Continue reading The Clock and Other Poems