Glancing in the Mirror

By Dianne Moritz He says, “I can’t wait for tomorrow.” Spicy cologne splashes his craggy face. Warm steam sweats the cool glass, as she giggles and plays along. “Because I get better looking every day!” Watching him comb back thick, gray feathered hair, goosebumps prickle her thin arms.  She steps close, kisses his damp, worn … Continue reading Glancing in the Mirror

A Mad Old Poet

By Ian Copestick I've just been upstairs to get changed I happened to look in the mirror As I was washing my hands. I think I'm finally looking like a poet. It's not the bald head with short Ginger stubble, or the pain filled Blue bloodshot eyes surrounded With wrinkles. It's the mad eyebrows. It's … Continue reading A Mad Old Poet