Poems by Kersten Christianson

Another Day of Rain   The stack of poems on the desk builds, like clouds gathering where sea shakes sky’s hand.  Words rainfall, arrange by line, sound, patter the windows, water the raspberries. I open the door, welcome the through-traveler storm.   Mega Ship   When the Ovation of the Seas docked in Sitka, we … Continue reading Poems by Kersten Christianson

Tommy Haiku #126-130

By Thomas Page What is the color Of justice? Is it judge’s Black or angel white? The pragmatist must Wonder if a sword is only Sharp piercing a heart. The pragmatist’s thoughts Are like dull skipping stones With a pow’r to blind. November must be Latin for “stressful” ‘cause it’s Thirty days of “aaahh!” I … Continue reading Tommy Haiku #126-130