Travels and Other Poems

By Alex Andy Phuong Travels Life as a journey Is an Odyssey Full of twists and turns And full of mystery For the future is unknown Nevertheless People can discover Meaning within their lives And why they were born By continuing traveling On the figurative road And by venturing Into the Unknown Until they realize … Continue reading Travels and Other Poems

Picaresque and Other Poems

By Alex Andy Phuong Picaresque Picture Picasso Painting abstractly Attempting to redefine Dreary reality Pictures worth more Than just a thousand words For words Attempt to define art Yet beauty is purely subjective And is much more Than personal opinion For pictures Sometimes just speak for themselves Virtuosity Within reality, Virtue holds value. Choose more … Continue reading Picaresque and Other Poems

Sincerely Natural and Other Poems

By Alex Andy Phuong Sincerely Natural Natural Wonder Wondrous indeed Encompassing the sublime Sometimes fading with time Preserve such beauty Through environmental advocacy And take a stand To defend the land Through lending a hand Founding Founding Fathers Helped establish America Finding oneself Is part of the dream No matter how rough Life might seem, … Continue reading Sincerely Natural and Other Poems

Organizational and Other Poems

By Alex Andy Phuong Organizational Organizations organize Like origami folds To behold Mankind’s potential. A fundamental fact That involves more Than plain facts For intellect Allows for creation For the sake of Establishing As planners plan To improve and assist While also avoiding Pitfalls that would result in Disorganization Arial A font type Spirits rising … Continue reading Organizational and Other Poems

Reinvention and Other Poems

By Alex Andy Phuong Reinvention Create through creation Mature through maturation Aging gracefully Surrender to reality Try to try By and by Do more than try Accomplish through accomplishments To experience pure wonderment What Truly Matters Being dependable Reliable Trust-worthy In spite of subjectivity Honor and loyal Brave and true All of that does matter … Continue reading Reinvention and Other Poems