April Showers- Honorable Mentions

By: Dr.Imbesat Maheen Syed   The air is wet and cold, And as the season unfolds, The April shower arrives, With happiness in disguise. Though I've seen this time of the year before, But I'm so unsure, It looks like I'm seeing it for the first time.   The refreshing breeze, And all the shades … Continue reading April Showers- Honorable Mentions

April Showers Contest – Poetry 3rd place

A Touch of April Rain Rie Sheridan Rose There’s a rumble of thunder in the distance tonight, calling to my heart. And now, a tap at the window, as the rain comes to visit, inviting me to play. I answer the whisper, open the door, and step into the rain. Fairy kisses cool against my … Continue reading April Showers Contest – Poetry 3rd place

April Showers Contest- Poetry First Place

Precipitation  By  Bernadette Perez Billowing thick clouds overwhelmed the sky Rain trickled Washed away frowns Smiles gleam upon children’s faces Smooth comfort milked in warmth Curdles my soul Frost forms on open spaces A cold mist Frozen ice needles stand at attention Appearance of glass across the surface ................Twinkling beauty in the streets Frolic in … Continue reading April Showers Contest- Poetry First Place