The Value of a Sidearm Pitcher

By John Affleck It began when I was sitting alone at the Twins-Mets game. No minder, no driver. I’d sent them off to lunch. He sat down next to me in the stands, and I mean right next to me. He recognizably walked up the stairs and down the row — did not shuffle, did … Continue reading The Value of a Sidearm Pitcher

Four Poems About Baseball

By Michael Ceraolo   Ty Cobb   I should have done more checking on Stump before I accepted him as my ghostwriter I understand the hatchet job he did on me decades later in a biography was even worse than the job he did on me in my so-called autobiography The basepaths and batter's box … Continue reading Four Poems About Baseball

Poems by Michael T. Smith

  Chinchilla    A little guy scurried in the patched grass to climb a mountain as tall as his will. His stomach steered him up the damned pass                      to heights that greedily starve the air thin          so that the heat could not follow his chasse.               In the tight grasp of the Year of the … Continue reading Poems by Michael T. Smith