Ode to the Beach

By Dianne Moritz   Oh, to walk on the beach these spring afternoons. To enjoy lapping waves, and slide down big dunes. To watch sea birds playing, hear loud seagulls' squawks. To spot pretty seashells, crabs, clams, osprey hawks. To exult in fresh air, feel mist on my face. Oh, to take a beach walk, … Continue reading Ode to the Beach

Alphabets: Omicron

By Thomas Page I can’t imagine The world so small that It can be placed on A grain of rice and Sold in a beachfront Souvenir shop next To hermit crabs and Obscene tees hung like College banners and Beer signs down the road Mixed with heat and sand And sunburned shoulders Bathed in aloe … Continue reading Alphabets: Omicron

“Poésie D’Hiver” (Haiku 189-195)

By Thomas Page Am I limited To what I can know? Modern Scholar, future fool? Gray-white wildcat Who loves my garbage Hiding in the urban woods Can I string these pearls— Random passing thoughts— Into beautiful jewelry? A recursive clock Continuously chimes at Intervals sixty Paradise by the Sea is sweeter when you’re in Cold … Continue reading “Poésie D’Hiver” (Haiku 189-195)