I Met a Cardinal Today

By Aston Lester I met a cardinal today. She sits atop a branch and sings down to me about the world she has seen. Her songs are beautiful, I thought. Louisiana is all I’ve known, all I’ve had the chance to love, and then a being like her flies into my life and shows me … Continue reading I Met a Cardinal Today

showdown and tabula rasa

By RC deWinter showdown lucky in card unlucky in love so old cardsharks say the inverse isn't true i play the hands i'm dealt eights and aces at the table and in love so ante up you brash bold gamblers i'll raise you every time i’m the great dissembler prepare to lose your shirts my … Continue reading showdown and tabula rasa

Poems by Stephen Kingsnorth

Reel Journeys   Few weekend miles I pedal bike through juggernauts, a colporteur, of imaginations, peddler, to change her library books, as scout to scour travel shelves for tomes, to take round globe poor-sight shut-in.   I, from saddle, expedition lead, survey routes, change climate, clime, prepare her passage, appoint path, sail wave, hack jungle … Continue reading Poems by Stephen Kingsnorth

Photography by Christopher Woods

Christopher Woods is a writer, teacher and photographer who lives in Chappell Hill, Texas. He has published a novel, THE DREAM PATCH, a prose collection, UNDER A RIVERBED SKY, and a book of stage monologues for actors, HEART SPEAK. His photographs can be seen in his gallery -http://christopherwoods.zenfolio.com/ . His photography prompt book for writers, FROM VISION TO … Continue reading Photography by Christopher Woods