A Blinding Light

By Mehreen Ahmed Just when Lizzy Crimson was leaving the art exhibition, a black and white picture hanging on the far side of a wall caught her attention. It was unbelievably mesmerising, and surrealistic. It looked like a downing of the sun at night. But the bright light that it emanated were white and diffused. … Continue reading A Blinding Light

Poems by John Grey

GUITAR   The oldest, dearest friend I have and yet there's never been a poem about you, my precious guitar of steel on spruce and melancholy sweet tone.   I rest you on my lap so you can play for me, touch your frets, your strings lightly like tapping in a combination number that will … Continue reading Poems by John Grey

Story Contest 3rd place

The Braille Reader By Deryn Pittar “There’re feathers all over the floor, again,” Mother said, her voice cross and exasperated. “I’m heartily sick of picking them up.” Christina shook her head at this utterly ridiculous statement, considering they didn’t have a budgie or a parrot. Her mother had early-on-set dementia and  often became confused. She … Continue reading Story Contest 3rd place