Poems by Nardine Sanderson

Blue Heron. _______________ ¬† I had forgotten about the great blue heron, the strength of wings There gliding I had forgotten about the great day coming The sun so often providing I slept with dreams of unified stars And cradled features of the light And wept the longest Years thereafter Before the ending of the … Continue reading Poems by Nardine Sanderson

“The Would-Be Hibernatory Blues”

By Ian Copestick   It's dusk, a freezing, misty Winter"s evening. Snow in the Air, and remnants of it on the Ground, here and there, where The sun in the short daytime Hasn't reached. The daylight Lasts less than eight hours Before surrendering to Darkness once again. The Earth and the air feel tired, Waiting … Continue reading “The Would-Be Hibernatory Blues”