Alphabets: Kappa

By Thomas Page Everything is marketed with some number accented With the marks and symbols of something-something To make it seem taller than the possibilities imagined. People ask me my height which I’m always not so sure of And make up some number that seems right-- Normally 6 foot 3 inches-- Whenever I meander around … Continue reading Alphabets: Kappa

On Bodies

By Kristiane Weeks-Rogers   Pre-Visit Questionnaire Is your tongue swollen? Can you rid this people, this land, of canker-hexes? Are you an ultraviolet or magenta warrior? Are you thermonuclear fission? Do your arms feel heavy? Are your linguistics based in nature? Where is funding lacking in your community? Does envisioning your obituary bring you closer … Continue reading On Bodies

Poems by Michael Lee Johnson

Reincarnation (V4)   Next life I will be a little higher up the pecking order. No longer a dishwasher at the House of Pancakes or Ricky’s All Day Grill, or Sunday night small dog thief. I will evolve into the Prince of Bullfrogs.  Crickets don’t bother me. Swamp flies don’t bother me–I eat them.  Alligators I avoid. I … Continue reading Poems by Michael Lee Johnson