Poems by Ediney Santana

  Once there was a boy  Once there was a boy  Who couldn’t  stop writing.  His room was full of of  paper filled with  words in  blue pen.  The boy wrote on his body,  walls, house,  His mother complained,  but he continued to write.  The boy went on writing,  writing, writing.  Time passed  and all  … Continue reading Poems by Ediney Santana

Old Nomads

By Cristina Bresser de Campos Long ago, I visited Chapada dos Veadeiros, an esoteric wild site at central Brazil. One day, I went to a dining in Alto Paraíso de Goiás, a small village in this natural park. The waiter was a tall bald hippie in his fifties. Although he had an athletic body, his skin … Continue reading Old Nomads