Blue Ulysses

By Tim Law Molly watched on from the front porch of her family’s beach house as her older brother Marcus chased a beautiful blue Ulysses butterfly. With each fruitless leap and swipe that Marcus made with his bug catching net, Molly’s smile grew all the broader. “You’ll never catch it!” Molly laughed. “That butterfly is … Continue reading Blue Ulysses

Three Haiku

By James Bates   Butterfly Delight Purple Coneflower Monarch butterfly alights Double delightful.   Sunlight Dancing Morning dew sparkles Tiny droplets glistening Sunlight dances wildly.   Thirst Springtime misting rain Tender garden shoots reaching Thirstily drinking.   Jim lives in a small town twenty miles west of Minneapolis, Minnesota. His stories have appeared online in CafeLit, The … Continue reading Three Haiku


By Paweł Markiewicz   gallant butterfly I am godifying Your strong born from the starlets singularly wolf in Your call – a charm fulfilled the most tender weird aboveboard boar You are looking for the stream in druidic holt arcane-meek lynx I would know traces into charm of miracle the far-sighted fox You like flowers … Continue reading THE DREAMERY FROM PRAYER-BOOK OF AN ANTS

Cocoon Emergent

By Victoria Crawford Milkweed branch suspended, wet wings uncurl to signal visible chant of cymbals beat with runes encrypted. Nuance  baffles phonetic delivery. Delicate stretch under sun seasoning, salting vellum damp to parchment that cues message rhythms, cracks and curves, waved in wild calligraphy, blackletter skin engraved. Purposeful definition arises in wild words soaring  beyond vision, … Continue reading Cocoon Emergent

Third Place Winner of the Holiday Poetry Contest- Canal Fog

By Emma Woodford Flat canal fog, disappearing trees line adroitly planted paths. Water flows coal barges float, with cars parked.   The train glides, buildings grow gravel patches spread like butterflies. Roads pass ponds with corner herons standing, are they watching fish or waiting for the sun.   November days passing, greyly lit winter, curling … Continue reading Third Place Winner of the Holiday Poetry Contest- Canal Fog