1973 Laundromat

By Carl Scharwath There are so many happy times and memories in a young person’s life. A first love, first kiss, first car, high school, and college graduations and the most transformative-your very own home. Your first place represents freedom, now you can do whatever you love  with no parental restrictions and even perhaps get … Continue reading 1973 Laundromat

Telos and Other Poems

By Carl Scharwath Telos Two evening lovers’ echoes In you forgotten dreams and memories of essence. Touch wordlessly in a greater optimism. Waves of summer morn Under a cloudless sky with flickering lights of desire. Turning like a dancer alone on the stage of life The evening leaves turn after Their first death and sleep … Continue reading Telos and Other Poems

Art in Life and Other Photographs

By Carl Scharwath Carl Scharwath, has appeared globally with 170+ journals selecting his poetry, short stories, interviews, essays, plays or art. Two poetry books Journey to Become Forgotten (Kind of a Hurricane Press)  and Abandoned (Scars Tv) have been published. His new book “The Playground of Destiny” (Impspired Press 8/21)  features short stories, poems and photography. … Continue reading Art in Life and Other Photographs