The Tourists of Sargasso Sea and Other Poems

By Thomas Page   The Tourists of the Sargasso Sea  Marine biologists have been baffled by the Sargasso Sea’s tubular tourists— The eel.    The eel  Seem to be the true  Sexless  Ageless  Birthless  Originless creature swimming along the warm streams.    They have baffled the likes of philosophers and psychoanalysts  With their knavish resistance … Continue reading The Tourists of Sargasso Sea and Other Poems

Poems by Douglas Young

The Airport Intense faces all around: Black, white, yellow and brown; High expectations mixed with the mundane – No matter the motive, get to that plane. We fervently cling to the notion That the solution is in motion; So everyone’s in a hurry -- So focused, with no time to worry. If we just get … Continue reading Poems by Douglas Young

Art by Jing Kong

    Biography: I love life, nature and animals. I think painting is a way to explore human and animal souls. I like traditional painting, using gouache and ballpoint pen. I get inspiration from interesting pet stories. I try to discover the inner world of animals from paintings. Website: