Life Lessons I Learned From My Cat

By Leslee Kahler I have had cats in my life since I was born, I can’t say I owned any of them as any cat owner knows the cat owns you , you don’t own the cat. Over the years I have learned much from my cats, but the greatest lessons I learned were patience, … Continue reading Life Lessons I Learned From My Cat


By Harvey Huddleston Joanne was such a conniver.  Elliot didn’t know that at the time because like they say in the Bronx, buttah wouldn’t melt in her mouth.  They’d just recently begun working together as legal assistants at a big firm with adjoining desks.  Everyday he’d hear about the problem her rescue group was having.  … Continue reading Herman

Art by Jing Kong

    Biography: I love life, nature and animals. I think painting is a way to explore human and animal souls. I like traditional painting, using gouache and ballpoint pen. I get inspiration from interesting pet stories. I try to discover the inner world of animals from paintings. Website: