Poems by Marc Carver

GIVE ME A REASON I have the same feeling I had before the covid people would walk away from me or look at me strangely or worry when I got too close to them only now they make it more obvious and now they have a real reason Not me I listen to the neighbours … Continue reading Poems by Marc Carver

Poems by Ahmad Al-Khatat

Be Stronger   Stronger than before I’m here under rainfall Getting stronger than before, because of you Stronger than feelings I’m wiser, and faster than the curious heart breaker We’re stronger than love You once made me happy I melted my heart into steel Just to always remember you Harder, better than memories Your friendship … Continue reading Poems by Ahmad Al-Khatat

The Pinnacle Unrealized is Our Only Hope

By  Linda Imbler The construct of realized man is the ultimate conceit. The finished image of man is a blasphemous myth. We must never believe our desire for perfection was consummated. We must never resist evolution to then be threatened with the sword of Damocles. Life should be transformation. Change should be life’s very quality. … Continue reading The Pinnacle Unrealized is Our Only Hope