By George Keyes 1. Atlantic Ocean, the Sea Huge, deep, excommunicated. Sometimes it gives us that fear where all guts of our body appear to squeeze out with that profound tradition of fishermen and the mysteries that created to itself the truth of the unknown. Somewhere in the sea, Juanito, a 12-year-old Cuban boy, who … Continue reading Juancito

Four Poems by G. David Schwartz

Dogs Are  Not Stupid   Dogs are not stupid Dogs are not ignorant If they could drive automobiles They could become a president.   A Dog May Not Be   A dog may not be The best  friend of a cat I asked my dog and he said What do you think abbot that?   … Continue reading Four Poems by G. David Schwartz

Plato-Bible Eclectic Mixed Metaphors

By Gerard Sarnat Half-Israeli grandson Liav and I  throw ourselves into post Chanukah  truck dumpty dumpties, dreidel  mini-footballs then make his yofi*  new train station bubble with electric soap suds deep deep inside Coachie’s  man cave which at times tends to be awash in unkosher sour squashed Domino  pizza boxes among leaning towers’ Joseph Coat-Of-Many-Colors … Continue reading Plato-Bible Eclectic Mixed Metaphors

Poems by Alan Parry

Office Job dying of life – wasted while Americana – tinny/quiet – plays in the background   and the walls encroach and the windows shake   Children the sister is sitting cross-legged on her bedroom floor in torn jeans – surrounded by                   shadows/glossy magazines/scissors/tape/scrapbooks making kings and queens – fawning over idols the older brother … Continue reading Poems by Alan Parry