By Jon Moray For Shane, it was one of those days, in the middle of one of those weeks, at the end of one of those months, during one of those years…and it was only May. His downward spiral of misfortune included a job demotion, a diabetes diagnosis, and constant hounding from collection agencies over … Continue reading Base

Just Desserts

By Dawn DeBraal If only Hannah understood how abrasive she could be when she talked to people. Her mother never told her that she was offensive. Hannah never developed the filter that most of us have. The one we use to refrain from responding negatively toward a person.  It seems every time Hannah opened her … Continue reading Just Desserts

New Years Day, Hallelujah, Kindergarten Forest

By Thomas Page “New Years Day” As night bleeds into day, the sun Will rise against a Renaissance’d World of resolutions, hopes, dreams. Holy day of obligation Sets the nail on the old vinyl To chant songs of the Mother of God. The Christmas tree is thrown out Into expanse of wilderness. “Hallelujah” Hallelujah, alleluia No matter … Continue reading New Years Day, Hallelujah, Kindergarten Forest