When the Clock Stops

By Kat Devitt I sat staring at the hands, frozen in their rotation, their ticking not filling the room. I waited another second to see if a spring might force it to leap forward. Just once. Just to prove life still grinded through the cogs in the ormolu clock, tick, tick, ticking away. But nothing … Continue reading When the Clock Stops

Poems by Marc Carver

WATER The man behind me in lidl said something to me. "Sorry I didn't catch that ." I said "Can I ask you a question?" He said. "Sure." "Do you know that God loves you?" "I hope so." I said and realized why on this awful day I had come to lidl for water GRANDFATHER … Continue reading Poems by Marc Carver

“Poésie D’Hiver” (Haiku 189-195)

By Thomas Page Am I limited To what I can know? Modern Scholar, future fool? Gray-white wildcat Who loves my garbage Hiding in the urban woods Can I string these pearls— Random passing thoughts— Into beautiful jewelry? A recursive clock Continuously chimes at Intervals sixty Paradise by the Sea is sweeter when you’re in Cold … Continue reading “Poésie D’Hiver” (Haiku 189-195)