By Jegadeesh Kumar Vijayalakshmi alias Vj showered, dried her hair, brushed away the thought of having a ponytail and decided to keep a loose hair style. With larger earrings, it’d look graceful if the hair overflowed the ears. She scanned her image in the mirror. The hair was straight, shiny and bubbly. Yatra’s hair was … Continue reading Makeup

Alphabets: Sigma

By Thomas Page My many years can be summed in on a transcript Marking each of my earned three-hours with a letter And a decimal’d point to a larger number That makes me summa or magne or not At the end of it all on a May day. Can I sum it all up in … Continue reading Alphabets: Sigma

Shopping, Book Exchange, Alliterations Available

By Thomas Page “Shopping” The parking lot is full of them— Christmas Maenads—desperately Trying to park their Subarus, Fords, or whatever crossovers Popular these days. I’m almost Hit by them trying to reverse Into a lucrative spot near The Amish Market. Pure madness. “Book Exchange” This shouldn’t be as stressful as It is. It’s just … Continue reading Shopping, Book Exchange, Alliterations Available