By Jake Suh   “Parker, why did you shoot?” I sat there, fiercely tangling my fingers until words finally managed to escape my clenched teeth. “I didn’t know it was fake,” I muttered. My palms dampened with sweat as Lieutenant Herbert raised one of his bushy eyebrows. He picked up his pen. I watched … Continue reading Ben

In the Black

By Ryan Quinn Flanagan   The mind stays in the black and the body follows.   The confusion of rush hour roundabouts cleared up in a way I could not explain to you five minutes ago.   Things are fluid. The stairwell is a shipping crate that dabs stretched limousines out of their length.   I … Continue reading In the Black

Shopping, Book Exchange, Alliterations Available

By Thomas Page “Shopping” The parking lot is full of them— Christmas Maenads—desperately Trying to park their Subarus, Fords, or whatever crossovers Popular these days. I’m almost Hit by them trying to reverse Into a lucrative spot near The Amish Market. Pure madness. “Book Exchange” This shouldn’t be as stressful as It is. It’s just … Continue reading Shopping, Book Exchange, Alliterations Available