My Three Pandemics

By Janet Yoder 1.    The Asian Flu, H2N2 When I was five, I learned the words Asian Flu. On July 19, 1957, my mother gave birth to her fourth child, my youngest sister. While she was still in the hospital, my mother was visited by a woman who, along with her husband, were trying to … Continue reading My Three Pandemics

The Tourists of Sargasso Sea and Other Poems

By Thomas Page   The Tourists of the Sargasso Sea  Marine biologists have been baffled by the Sargasso Sea’s tubular tourists— The eel.    The eel  Seem to be the true  Sexless  Ageless  Birthless  Originless creature swimming along the warm streams.    They have baffled the likes of philosophers and psychoanalysts  With their knavish resistance … Continue reading The Tourists of Sargasso Sea and Other Poems

Haiku by Thomas Page

A litany of Purple wildflowers on The concrete island. Knights of yore wore masks To protect themselves from strikes From their foes unknown. The rain poured purple— The lighting thunder gray— The sky shaded black. The salamanders Under the rocks with mother— Micro-firmament. The puzzle disjointed— A million bits of soul— Each color indistinct. The … Continue reading Haiku by Thomas Page