Resurrection and Other Poems

By Stephen Kingsnorth Resurrection I hear praise, awe the redwoods win, and oaks, withstood near battle scars, but my gem, acorn, palmed, admired, a prospect stored, squirrel ignored. I see them bury, gnaw, forget, a sapling fighting undergrowth, then filtered light through canopy calls for the greenman cambium. And it finds how to rise again, … Continue reading Resurrection and Other Poems

Dante’s Circles

By Marc Carver It scares me how much life goes around and around in a circle. You live it once then years later the exact same thing happens again. And you react to it in exactly the same way. It is almost as if you are powerless against yourself. Who you are never goes away. … Continue reading Dante’s Circles

Perceived Reality

By Lynn Long   Perception is reality,  yet, a deception  within itself... For can one ever truly be aware- of worlds  beyond their own, if  we're unwilling to open our eyes,  to truths unknown?  Life is a continuous cycle, on the road to  self-awareness,  repeated lessons  of moments  forever eternal Striving, we can only move  forward  knowing what  we know Learning, ever learning  as we go... Lynn Long- … Continue reading Perceived Reality