For $2.00 She Was Mine

By Debra J. White Maxine died in 2001. I miss her terribly even now. I can still remember that dayin September 1988 when I was a social worker in a crime ridden, gang infested and run-down Bronx neighborhood. I paid $2.00 to a crack dealer for a skinny, flea infested straydog. Since then, I’ve rescued … Continue reading For $2.00 She Was Mine

Poems by DS Maolalai

Dog dad we don't want children – we've decided that. but we've gotten a dog, and I do understand. not that I'd ever call myself "dog dad" – jesus, I have some dignity. just this thing though; this small ball of dependence ambling the kitchen. walking around, whining and bothering, with eyes so big they … Continue reading Poems by DS Maolalai