Sunset in December and Other Poems

By Donovan Westjohn Sunset in December Scurry of squirrels with mouthfuls ran towards aboriginal trees; Piqued tasteful of moonlit mystery entwine outside hatched tread, midnight blue peacock feathers flung- on scarlet macaw volcanic colored sky like a fan morph to gel wax. West coast ocean sputtered a washing machine dial set high seething against queens … Continue reading Sunset in December and Other Poems

Thoughtful Actions

By Donovan Westjohn Love plants a happy seed, within every affectionate hearty hug, also, a billion-years wise of a prominent Spruce tree. It is gentle kindness within all buzzing bees. Naturally, offering scented wildflowers a kind hand. Love is a peaceful smile, chirping in the vivacious blissful breeze. Upbeat, and forever rising early in our … Continue reading Thoughtful Actions