A Piano Falls

By Marianne Brems     As I climb up a third flight of stairs, a piano falls from the sky. Invisible, silent. It lands slowly, deliberately burrowing into my quads. No path to climb out. Somewhere along the way a neuron shifts. A familiar handle sits just out of reach. A window seems harder to … Continue reading A Piano Falls

350 Seconds

By Max Worley ​It started with a bump. The oxygen masks tumbled out of their hidden alcove in the storage bins above the seats. The left engine sputtered and died before my eyes as I looked out the window. I leaned forward anxiously, then relaxed; I’d heard that planes are designed to be able to … Continue reading 350 Seconds

Illusion is our imagined separation from God

By Allison Grayhurst   Bend down and savor the shallow water, stroking out praise like the wind strokes the skin on a gentle day. I was in the pit, closed across the journey, forming lines, lining up eagle eggs, pine cones and leashes. Breaking though irregular dreams that break the edges and expand in an … Continue reading Illusion is our imagined separation from God