Poems by Jesse Wolfe

  Exeunt Your spiteful smile— flashing in the doorway— etched itself as if my memory were metal plate. Ambiguous carving— there is time to decipher it, but not endless time. Lightning flashes, illuminating you. Then darkness. Metal man, tin-thin, I am unassailable, but the imprint’s part of me: glancing behind your shoulder, hair half-veiling your … Continue reading Poems by Jesse Wolfe

“Scars of Glass”

By Ken Allan Dronsfield   Wild rambling rose of ocular bloom salted crackers served with tequila worms hiding from the reapers plate ripple chips best to have with clam dip swirling icy vortex of inebriated candor toast with gin and choke down ramen pin-stripe gray suit with a flamboyant tie. I've lost all sight of … Continue reading “Scars of Glass”