End of Days

By Jay M.   Love is fluid, Flows by bliss, Ends at will, May the songs herald, Raging against the light, Was a knight so called, A maidens call - Into the night we go, Armed and calling, To perish, In a stumble, Oh! For the truth should have, Set us free! Fair betrayal, A … Continue reading End of Days

Friend’s Departure

By Sahaj Sabharwal   Time has come now , For an ending, wow. Your friendship will be no more, Your absence will make things  bore . Gossips with friends , Learning new trends . Talks with us , you did , Forever, you are alive in our mind . It's  time to say you goodbye, … Continue reading Friend’s Departure

“The Last Bee Ends humanity’s Reign”

By Jake Cosmos Aller   The Humboldt Glacier, located high in the Andes mountain range in Venezuela, is the country’s last glacier. Glaciers are disappearing around the world due to climate change, which has also been a factor in declines and extinctions of animal species elsewhere. This month saw the death of George, the last … Continue reading “The Last Bee Ends humanity’s Reign”