Ode On Valentine’s Day

By Thomas Page Holidays occur at a rate which I Cannot hope to ever plan for, that's why I have to freehand this poem I dare call "Ode" on the Nones February. If y'all Have a muse for typing please send her my Way so that we can concoct a poem as spry As one … Continue reading Ode On Valentine’s Day

Poem by Ian Copestick

By Ian Copestick   God, at this time of year, these Sub-zero nights can really Get you down. I wonder what It must be like to live somewhere Like L.A. where it's Sunny all year round and They've never seen snow. Except in the excruciating Xmas movies that they churn Out each year. Right now, … Continue reading Poem by Ian Copestick

“Grammarian” (Haiku 183-188)

By Thomas Page Grammar, grammar, ev’rywhere But not a drop to Think—English lecture The passive voice is Found in wordy, technical Scholarly journals The active voice finds Itself in the style guides Of writing classes Write, revise, write, breathe, Revise, look up source again, Rewrite, revise, print “More than him” means, in Essence, I prefer … Continue reading “Grammarian” (Haiku 183-188)