By LKB Boe I coined a word today—crazophobia. Crazophobia is the fear of contracting a mental illness by being in close proximity to or touching a mentally ill person, or by hearing scary stories about the mentally ill. The common cure is to ridicule, ostracize, or otherwise demean the mentally ill person in order to … Continue reading Crazophobia

Synaptic Interferences

By Fabrizia Faustinella You are very organized. This world is full of distractions and inevitably declines into disorder. Entropy always increases with time, resulting in randomness. Therefore, it is critical to stay organized.  You are a list maker. Lists help you to compartmentalize. Everything is placed in the right column and the right box: things … Continue reading Synaptic Interferences

Two Prose Pieces by Alex Andy Phuong

Cinematic Cinema People love going to the movies for various reasons. Some like to be entertained whileescaping from the real world for a few hours. Others might enjoy the aesthetics of filmmaking,and are passionate about the artistic merit put into major motion pictures. Films that usuallyachieve timelessness oftentimes have a unique sense of style to … Continue reading Two Prose Pieces by Alex Andy Phuong