Poetry and Emotions

By Eva Marie Cagley I have often wrote my best poetry when I am experiencing some kind of emotions whether it be happy, sad, angry, elated or just plain love struck. That’s when my best poetry is born. My muse is running in high gear and the words just pour out like raindrops. To capture … Continue reading Poetry and Emotions

True Self and Other Prose Pieces

By Alex Andy Phuong True Self A person saw the people around. The world keeps on spinning around. The crowd was loud, yetproud. The man knows his own reflection. He is like Disney’s heroine Mulan. He knowshimself, and accepts himself. Historical Ballad This is a story about the history of the world. The Earth was … Continue reading True Self and Other Prose Pieces

Two Prose Pieces by Alex Andy Phuong

Cinematic Cinema People love going to the movies for various reasons. Some like to be entertained whileescaping from the real world for a few hours. Others might enjoy the aesthetics of filmmaking,and are passionate about the artistic merit put into major motion pictures. Films that usuallyachieve timelessness oftentimes have a unique sense of style to … Continue reading Two Prose Pieces by Alex Andy Phuong

Water and Living Instead of Feeling Frozen

By Alex Andy Phuong   Water  A fundamental fact is that water provides life. It can cleanse the body and clean up messes. Water is essential because everyone is a filthy creature by default. Ironically, water can also cause death. That was why more than a thousand people perished when the Titanic sank in 1912. … Continue reading Water and Living Instead of Feeling Frozen